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Festival Design:
Németh Zsuzsanna
és Ribényi Gergely

Hannibal Kata

20. - 19. - 17. - 16. - 15. 06. 2009.


Synoptic Visionaudial Art Meeting

Synoptic (previously Szemlétek) is an adiovisional happening in Pécs, which has been going on for five years now. It deals with recent cultural and political issues through video- and media arts. It shows the freshest contemporary works of art, be it film, video, interactive installation, public art, digital music or a multimedia performance. The event elaborates on a given topic annually, there is an exhibition, multimedia presentations and a discussion based on this.

The works of art are structured around the notion "unstable". As media art points out the areas of technique and art, "unstable" can be interpreted on the one hand from the point of view of a technocratic, on the other hand from a societal or existential perspective. The problems arising on the scenery of digital media, the problems of archives, copyright, remixability, data storage, and vendibility make art's and the artist's task more difficult. As far as the individual is concerned, instability can refer to insecurity and doubt, which expands to political, cultural, religious, and gender identity. Apart from the individual scene, the appointed topic can also be interpreted on a global ground. Instable conveyers, instable decisions, are the causes of certain catastrophes in nature and industry, of accidents, communication disorders, the changes of our habits and behaviour patterns. Our environment becomes an instable, defenceless place towards global warming, lack of raw material, ethnic and interest defence wars.

How can we create a secure position for the individual and for society seemingly, or for a short time at least? The event is to deal with these problems, and open up an own interpretational field through artistic expression.

Synoptic Visionaudial Art Meeting programme

15. 06. 2009 - 20. 06. 2009


Swanhous Gallery, Bazis Gallery Nemart Gallery

Opening: 15. 06. 2009, 19.00, Hattyúház Lovas Péter, Takács Péter

Curators: Szolga Hajnal, Lovas Péter

Bázis Gallery, Jókai square 13

Masha Godovannaya (RU): Untitled nr. 1
Kimberly Clark (NL): Hooley
Eiko Grimberg (DE): Madwoman in the Attic
Vásárhelyi Zsolt (HU): Yamakasi
Németh Hajnal (HU): Gogo04
Esterházy Marcell (HU): v.n.p. v2.0
Uglár Csaba (HU): Baseless Claims

Hattyúház Gallery,Király street 15
Marc Bijl (NL): Just Another Flag
Marc Bijl (NL): Free Trade
Nemes Csaba (HU): Puhányok-Mindennapok56
Sugár János (HU): Mute
Larissa Sansour (PS): Happy Days

Nemart Gallery, Irgalmasok street 16.
Szacsva y Pál (HU): Hard Edges with Smooth Tranzisions between
Pieter Geenen (BE): Atlantis
Ulu Braun és Alexej Tchernyi (DE): Fishsoup
Ninon Liotet und Olivier Schulbaum (FR): "Dictaphonetics"
Stanislav Veselovský (SK): Half-Life 2: Reklama

Discourses, screenings in HATTYÚHÁZ (Swan House Gallery)

16. 06. 2009, 18.00 Tuesday
Inke Arns: Hartware Médiaművészeti Egyesület Presentation of the HMKV Mediaart Association and of the "Wach sind nur die Geister" and "History Will Repeat Itself" exhibitions

17. 06. 2009, 16.00 Wednesday
Kitchen Budapest 's presentation
Hungarian Telekom's innovation laboratory, Kitchen Budapest is a multifunctional place, where young researchers dealing with mobile communication and internet get space and equipment for free thinking and creative teamwork. During Synoptic we are going to talk about the methods of Kitchen Budapest and some of its projects

17. 06. 2009, 19.00 Wednesday
Ágoston Nagy-Bence Samu: Binaura performance
This formation has been dealing with the research of analogies between digital media and nature for years. The installations, and performances completed are characterized by generative and abstract graphics, and a sound synthesis based on clear-out overtones. At Synoptic there will be a thirty-minute a/v set visible and audible.

19. 06. 2009, 18.00 Friday
Stephen Kovats: transmediale.09
Selection: Reynold Reynolds (Six Apartments), Hermann Asselberghs (Altogether), Mark Boswell (Unknown Unknown(s), Elke Groen (Nightstill), Joanna Hoffman (Secret Life), Surekha Kumar (Line of Control), Etta Säfve (Unwavering (Sisyphus), Momoko Seto (Planet A) and Jörn Staeger (Reise zum Wald)

20. 06. 2009, 14.00 - 17.00 Saturday
BBS Sebestyén Kodolányi: Exposure
Sebestyén Kodolányi's screening and presentation on the relationship between media art and film in correspondence with BBS's filmcrop of fifty years.
The presentation is a critical research of the fruits of conflicts between filmic media and other arts' meetings with the help of BBS's less well known films and videos.

20. 06. 2009, 19.00 Saturday
János Sugár's presentation on ,public space' performance

program details
program details

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